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Sunlight, Moonlight, And New Sun Equals Buy 50% Of Nxp’s 40%

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Sun Moonlight (2311) announced that it had been resolved by the board of directors to purchase 40% equity interest in Suzhou Sunyuexin Semiconductor held by NXP BV (NXP) for US$127 million (approximately NT$5 billion) from its subsidiary J&R Holding Limited, and to complete the contract. Sun Moonlight holds 100% of the equity of Suzhou Sunyue New Semiconductor.

Focusing on long-term investment and NXP strategic considerations, ASE said that it will acquire 40% of Suzhou Sunyue New Semiconductor from NXP for US$127 million. The plant was originally formed as a joint venture with NXP. After the acquisition, the share ratio was 60. % increased to 100%.

Suzhou Riyuexin Semiconductor is mainly engaged in packaging and testing, with a capitalization of 48.67 million U.S. dollars. The most recent annual profit was 25.59 million U.S. dollars, with a net value of approximately 166 million U.S. dollars.

Sun Moonlight has been laying out the Chinese market for many years. So far, the actual investment in China has totaled 604 million U.S. dollars. In addition, the profitability of China’s investment has grown steadily in recent years. The amount of profit in 2015, 2016, and 2017 was US$118 million, US$283 million, and US$576 million, respectively.


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